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Aging in Place Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home for a variety of reasons. Many people have had the pleasure of raising their children, tending to their grandchildren, and entertaining friends in their kitchen. It is often the most-used room in the home because it’s where we gather for nourishment and time with those we care about most. Kitchen remodeling for seniors allows our parents and grandparents to more easily remain in their home for as long as they have the ability to live independently.

Today’s senior citizens are aging more gracefully than those in previous generations. They’re able to live independently into their 80s and 90s in many cases. As the generation they helped raise and mold into productive citizens, we should do everything we can to make their lives comfortable as long as they are willing and able to live on their own. At Express, our goal is to remodel the kitchen so it is more senior-friendly and will serve for years to come.

Aging in Place Kitchen Remodel Ideas

We understand that not all seniors have mobility issues or are dependent on a wheelchair. Each remodeling project depends on the individual needs of the homeowner. With that in mind, we would like to present some of the most common kitchen remodeling ideas for seniors.

Counter Tops: Counter tops are generally 36 inches tall, making it nearly impossible for them to be functional for someone in a wheelchair. An area of the kitchen, sometimes an island, is lowered for easier access.

Kitchen Sink: The kitchen sink is often modified to meet the demands of elderly hands and joints. A single lever to turn the water on is safer and more convenient for those with joint pain, and reduces the chances of serious burns due to hot water. A secondary sink is often added to accommodate those who may rely on a wheelchair or simply a chair to relieve achy feet and legs.

Cabinets: New cabinet hardware is used to improve the usability of all cabinets and drawers. Joint pain often makes it difficult to grasp small knobs or levers to open drawers or cabinet doors. More senior-friendly features must be installed to create more easily accessible storage areas.

Islands: Kitchen islands are great additions to a kitchen because they add a lot of functionality. Unfortunately, some are built too close to other kitchen necessities and do not allow room for a wheelchair in the event that one is needed. Modifying the island is the best way to remodel the kitchen to make it more easily accessible.

Kitchen Remodeling for Seniors

Living in place is something many seniors strive for; the ability to live in one’s own home and maintain independence as we age is a true blessing. We would like the opportunity to work with you to make sure your home is safe enough to serve you well throughout your senior years. Call us today to discuss your options and request a free consultation.

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